Passenger Car Motor Oils


GENUINE SUPERGUARD is motor oil intended for use in heavy-duty service of commercial trucks, agriculture equipment, Construction equipment, buses, Stationary engines and other diesel engine applications. It provides outstanding service in gasoline engines in passenger cars, light trucks, off-the-road vehicles, recreational vehicles and other heavy-duty gasoline engine application.

The multi viscosity grades provide fuel economy benefits over single viscosity grades and permit year round use in most areas by improving cold starting with full lubricating protection at high operating temperature which is important in heavily loaded, high out-put engines.


Recommended for turbo and supercharged diesel engines operating under normal to severe conditions.


  • Prevent harmful crankcase deposits
  • Its detergent-dispersant properties provides greater engine cleanliness wear protection and resistance to oil thickening
  • Provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion


  • API CF-4/SG