Passenger Car Motor Oils


GENUINE XHD is a heavy duty oil developed primarily for high power output diesel engines, either naturally aspirated or supercharged, operating under severe conditions. GENUINE XHD is formulated from high-quality, high VI base oils and additives which provide excellent dispersant/detergent, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust properties and possess good alkalinity reserve.


Recommended for use in high power output diesel engines fitted in automotive, agricultural and construction equipment , operating in 'fleet' and contractor service where the presence of relatively high sulphur fuel content or other severe service factors require the use of a diesel engine oil of the quality.

In addition, GENUINE XHD SAE 10W and SAE 20W are also suitable for use as hydraulic and automatic transmission fluids for equipment including trucks and wheel loaders.


  • Excellent protection against the effects of high- sulphur fuels.
  • Good control of high temperature deposits
  • Suitable for mixed fleet operation


  • API CD
  • MIL-L-2104D